• Image of Fearless Kisses

How many of us secretly keep a buried, defining piece of ourselves - an unrequited dream, a silent longing, a wish we're too afraid to speak? This book is about unearthing those hidden desires, freeing them to flourish in the air and light of our fearlessness.

With courageous truth-telling, Lyn Christian shares her very human journey to the place that honors her lifelong yearning - to love and partner with a woman. Told with compelling passion, pain, humor, wonder, and insight, Fearless Kisses shows us that when it comes to matters of the heart and soul, we only stand whole when we stand for our own truth. For every reader, this book inspires a brave joy that transforms fear into fearlessness and encourages us to take risks to learn, to love, and to be our truest selves.

Throughout these pages, Christian's lyrical blend of prose and poetry is enhanced by the vibrant, richly-textured art of Jennifer Life. Fearless Kisses is a nourishing feast for the spirit and the eye - one you'll want to devour again and again.

By Lyn Christian.
Illustrated by Jennifer Life.