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How to be a Badass | $99 (value $1095)
Group Start Date: First Monday of every month

Here's the truth: You are different than any other person alive.
Here's another truth: You won't be able to excel over other people in all things.
And here's one more truth: In many areas, someone will be stronger, better, faster than you.

So here is the final truth: There are places where you'll be stronger, faster, brighter and better...there are places where you can be a Badass. You have the ability to make a unique mark on the world. Isn't it time to figure out how to do this?

This is what our Be a Badass program is all about.

We have the perfect gift to give yourself and your friends/family. An ultimate guide to finding your true badass self-includes four week’s of virtual coaching, workbook and home-play, videos, and exclusive access to a closed Facebook Group where you can connect, learn, and be inspired by others going through the ‘How to Be a Badass’ program.

Week One – Begin to learn how to Be True to your Badass Self.

Week Two/Three - Once you are true to yourself, we’ll teach you how to be strong and help you identify your ​badass self​.​

Week Four​ - The culminating week will help you learn how to focus on the right things to ensure you stay true and strong. You will also receive a pocket guide to being a​n​ #InspiredBadass!

This coaching program would usually cost $1095, but because we are committed to creating more InspiredBadasses in this world, we are offering it to you for only $99!

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